About Orthopedic Alternatives

What We Do

When you, or your child, needs to wear a brace, the stress begins. You are in shock. You don’t know what to expect. Our staff immediatley begins to set your mind at ease. They contact your doctor and your insurance company. They explain your financial obligations. Then they schedule your first visit with our expertly trained and experienced practitioners.

Our practitioners will measure for a brace that will fit intimately and serve you, or your child’s, medical needs. We will make the brace; then fit and deliver that brace. Most importantly, we will offer the advice and encouragement necessary to make you, or your child’s, bracing manageable.


Why We’re So Good At It

We’ve been doing it for a long time, over 28 years in practice. That, alone, doesn’t adequately explain why people leave our offices feeling “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!” They leave us relieved because of who we are. We are former brace wearers; we are former psychology majors; we are parents of young children; we are parents of teenagers; we are caregivers to elderly loved ones. We ARE you, and we never forget it. Sure, we have years of training and many years of experience, but if we forget that we are all alike, deep down, we cannot fulfill our mission: to leave you pleasantly surprised.


Our Services

From the sole of the foot to the top of the head, and every body part in between, we can provide a custom brace that meets your needs.

Spinal Bracing

Spinal bracing for Scoliosis and Kyphosis, as well as for pain and fracture management, has long been one of our specialties.

Pediatric Bracing

Pediatric bracing makes up over 75% of what we do. We enjoy entertaining, while we measure and fit our littlest clients.

Pedorthic Bracing

Pedorthic bracing gets reviewed by the pedorthotist on our staff. He specializes in the design of custom foot orthotics.

Certified Provider of the RSC® bracing system.